Race for points, not for time

Camaraderie, Bushcraft, Adventure, and Beer!

The Brewha Bushwhack is not a race in the traditional sense. What you know, is more important than how fast you can move. This is not a beat down obstacle race, and while there are physical challenges that will test endurance, the goal is to push the limit of the teams diversity of skill and what can be accomplished together. A well-rounded team proves valuable. Teams are encouraged to work together as needed to solve problems. You make your own path, and go at your own pace. Plan your own route of travel and complete checkpoints in whatever order seems best to you. Finishing first helps you in no way, as you will race for points but not for time.

The gear requirements are small. You’ll use little more than a knife, para-cord, duck tape and a fire steel to complete the challenges as you navigate. Your most important tool is your brain, and best asset your team. At the end of it all, there will be some great beer waiting for you, Bar-B-Q, live music and an awards ceremony where we’ll swap stories of the day and compare scars.

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